January 1, 2022 Price List Notification

  • October 29, 2021

To our valued Customers,   Over the years we have actively managed our manufacturing operations and supply chain to provide the best value proposition possible.  This has allowed us to provide cost containment when we have encountered times of increased costs, and also reductions in our prices when provided with opportunities for increased volumes or new applications that allowed leverage across multiple product platforms.   The current supply crisis that we are all facing is so extraordinary that it is not possible to mitigate the steady rise in costs that we are absorbing outside of just material inflation.  Higher energy costs, escalating labor rates, global and local freight issues, and manufacturing instabilities have created levels of increases that cannot be delayed further due to the dramatic impact on our business.   Effective immediately, we will increase prices for all of our products by an average of 7%.  Specific impact to our product offering will be provided to you in a new quotation. These increases will be in addition to any existing material price programs.   We will continue to work with our suppliers and logistic providers to find ways to contain costs, and also work with customer forecasts to help improve visibility of orders and requirements so that we can plan more efficiently.  Please communicate with your appropriate Customer Service Representative or Sales Representative to stay informed on delivery status of your orders, and we will keep you current on the latest information we can provide.     Thank you.