Product Description

Key Features & Benefits

  • F Series
  • Replaceable Filter Cartridge
  • • Super-pleated filter media provides up to twice the filter area of any other pleated or non-pleated filter cartridge today
  • • Traps solid contaminants down to 10 microns in size
  • • Integral end rings are permanently bonded to filter media
  • • Stainless steel helical wire spring within the filter eliminates the possibility of cartridge collapse under normal operation conditions
  • DF Series
  • Replaceable Dual-Purpose Filter Plus Drier Cartridge
  • • Molded solid core of specially blended molecular sieve and activated alumina produces a dual-purpose suction line filter/drier of unusually high efficiency and capability
  • • Can be used for system clean-ups or on a permanent use basis
  • • Solid contaminants never reach the desiccant core
  • • Moisture and acids are efficiently removed from the refrigerant stream
  • • All filters or filters plus driers should be changed when pressure drop across cartridge increases significantly
  • • All filters or filters plus driers are rated in accordance with ARI standard 730
  • • Always follow compressor manufacturer’s recommendations
Product Literature

For design specifications and other technical data, please see our product literature.

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